Historic Characters

Fairhaven Village Green Mural
The painters and the painted, in front of the Fairhaven Village Green mural.

The painters and the painted came down to Fairhaven on Sunday morning, April 26 to have their portrait made with the Fairhaven Village Green Mural.

Lanny Little originally painted the mural some 13 years ago, then refreshed and updated it in the summer of 2013. In the process he added eleven people who have played a role in modern Fairhaven over the last four decades or so.

Longtime “Mr. Fairhaven” and proprietor of the Fairhaven.com website, aka John Servais, invited all the people who had been painted into the mural, as well as those who helped Lanny with the painting in 2013, to come to the Village Green for a dedication and group portrait during Dirty Dan Day on April 27. This photo is the result. Continue reading

Visiting with Santa: Sunday Edition

Max & Olivia with Santa

Santa loves talking with kids, hearing their wishes and asking whether their parents have been good, too.

Here’s a video slideshow of the kids who visited with Santa on Sunday, December 8 at Bellingham’s Holiday Port Festival in the Bellingham Cruise Terminal.

This is the fifth year I’ve had the privilege of photographing kids with Santa at the Holiday Port Festival. We see a lot familiar faces each year as kids come back again, a little more grown up each time.

Thank you, parents, for sharing your children with us and with Santa. The prints you ordered will be on their way to you soon, just as fast as we can get them into the envelopes, stamped, and in the mail.

Visiting with Santa: Saturday Edition

Here are the kids and families who visited with Santa on Saturday, December 7 at Bellingham’s Holiday Port Festival in the Bellingham Cruise Terminal.

We had a steady stream of visitors with Santa all afternoon. Some wanted photos and others just wanted to visit with the jolly guy.

I shot a handful of frames of each visitor with Santa and then chose my favorite. Those who ordered prints will have them later this week. My print order is at my lab.

Visting with Santa: Friday Edition

Each year since 2009 I’ve spent the first weekend of December photographing kids as they visit with Santa at Bellingham’s Holiday Port Festival, at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal in Fairhaven. We see quite a few children come back year after year. It’s fun to watch them grow up, and to share their wishes with Santa.

This video slideshow is of the kids who visited Santa on Friday evening, December 6, 2013.

Chuckanut Spring

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A few days ago I had a little time to kill between appointments in Fairhaven so I headed down to the North Chuckanut trailhead for Bellingham’s Interurban Trail to see what I could find. It was a glorious warm and sunny spring day, somewhat uncommon for late March around here. I didn’t have a lot of time so I didn’t hike far with my camera and tripod slung over my shoulder.

1300151 Unnamed waterfall along Interurban Trail. Interurban Trail, Bellingham, WA. © Mark Turner
Waterfall along Interurban Trail
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Assignment: Bricks

Brick wall, Pacific Chef building

A couple of weeks ago I ended up with an hour or so to wander around Fairhaven, where my studio is located, when a client failed to show up for an appointment.

I gave myself the assignment to photograph bricks. I ended up straying a bit from the theme and included a few other textures, but with all the brick in this old commercial neighborhood I was able to keep myself busy and come up with some interesting views of the subject. Continue reading

Fairhaven Girls Night Out

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The Old Fairhaven Association, the business group for the neighborhood where my studio is located, hosts an annual Girls Night Out fundraising event each May. The money goes to the St. Joseph Hospital Cancer Research Center, part of our local hospital. There’s a small parade late in the afternoon, then a fun-filled evening of entertainment in the Fairhaven Pub & Martini Bar with a fashion show, comedy, and a bachelor auction.

Here’s a video slideshow with highlights from the 2011 event, held on May 12:

Prior to the event most of the bachelors came into my studio for a portrait to help promote the auction. The gals who won the bidding on each of these guys are going to have a great time on their dates. They’re all relaxed, easy-going, and ready with a smile.

I enjoyed the challenge of photographing the event, which is so very different from the more deliberate kind of photography I do most of the time. I shot with my Canon 5D Mark II at ISO 1600 with an on-camera fill flash with a small modifyier to soften the light. A little quick adjustment work in Lightroom, and then the slideshow was created in Animoto.

Falling for Fairhaven Fun


Gotta catch me a cab and head down to old Fairhaven town for a little Halloween fun.

People watching from Tony's window

Maybe I’ll grab a cup of Tony’s coffee and sit in the window watching all the fairies and goblins stroll by.

Am I a witch?

This holiday isn’t just for kids any more. Even older folks get into the spirit of dressing up, painting faces, and assuming an alter-ego for a day.

Trick-or-treaters cross Harris Avenue.Loot bag? Check.

Best friend? Check.

Costume? Check.

A ride to Fairhaven from mom? Check.

Halloween trick-or-treating in Fairhaven Sunday afternoon was a mob scene with sidewalks crowded with hundreds of happy haunters. Check out more photos in the Fairhaven Halloween Gallery.

I felt a bit out of place wandering the streets with a camera but no costume. OK, so I was wearing clothes, but nothing special for the holiday. I hope you all had fun. I know I did.

Dirty Dan Days

Dirty Dan Harris is credited with being the founder of Fairhaven, one of the four communities on Bellingham Bay that merged in the early 20th century to form Bellingham. The fine citizens of Fairhaven celebrate this bit of history each April with a two-day festival of seafood, music, and all-around fun on the Fairhaven Village Green. I spent the day photographing. Here’s a quick video slideshow, with music by The Gallus Brothers who were performing live during the event.

You can see a handful of photos at a more leisurely pace over on the Fairhaven website.

It’s always fun to hang out at an event like this. I ran into lots of people I knew, and even recognized some of them. I’m a bit conspicuous with a big heavy camera and lens hanging from my neck. I shot a lot with my 70-200mm, using a little on-camera fill flash to put highlights in eyes and brighten things up a tad under the overcast skies.

If you haven’t been to Dirty Dan Days, put it on your calendar for next April if you don’t see this in time to get down there this (Sunday) afternoon for the chowder cookoff and piano race.

Here’s a video from Sunday, with lots of happy people enjoying the chowder cookoff, dancing in the sun to the Gallus Brothers, and the world’s only piano race.

I’ve put the photos from the videos online in two galleries for viewing at your own pace: Saturday photos and Sunday photos.