Pacific Northwest

Hidden Lake deep in the North Cascades

The Pacific Northwest is a remarkably diverse chunk of North America. The wet west side of the Cascade Mountains receives as much as 140 inches of rain annually while on the east side in the rain shadow only 7 inches may fall in the same time period. A maritime climate moderates temperatures far inland, but particularly on the west side of the Cascades. It’s a land shaped by repeated bouts of volcanism and still boasts several active volcanoes. The northwest has one of the most productive temperate coniferous forests on earth. It’s a gardener’s paradise and a wildflower lover’s dream.

Notwithstanding the current economic climate, people have been moving to the northwest in droves. In addition to the natural beauty and benign climate they’re attracted to the recreational possibilities. Where else do you have to decide whether it’s a day to ski, hike, bicycle, climb, kayak, or golf? We lead a pretty active lifestyle around here, and it shows in a generally fit and happy population.

Mark Turner has been photographing the Pacific Northwest since moving to Bellingham in 1990. The photographs in these Northwest galleries are just a sampling of what Mark and the region have to offer.