Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never had a professional portrait done before. How is it priced?

Full-service professional photography is charged first for the time the photographer spends with you making the images. This portrait session could be two hours or just 30 minutes. My standard session in the studio is $149 and on location $200, for up to two hours. Secondly, you decide what final products you want from the images captured in my camera. I charge for these on an à la carte basis, so you can chose only what you want, instead of fixed packages with various print sizes and finishes. I do offer packages occasionally as introductory deals.

You will be buying a unique piece of art. Finished portraits are priced by their size, just as you would expect to pay more for a large painting than a small one. Portraits at gift print size (8″x10″) start at $99 and go up to $1,000 or more for large wall portraits. With à la carte pricing, you buy only what you want, and I apply discounts up to 15% at higher price points.

Obsolete Formats

What about digital files? Do you sell them?

It’s fun and easy to share images with your friends and family on social media. For each image you choose to purchase as a printed portrait, we include a sharable file with our logo or signature in the corner. If you want files of additional images, they start at $30 each. These files are not suitable for printing.

Image files suitable for printing up to 8″x10″ start at $150, with quantity discounts. We’d love to create for you a portrait to display in your home that you will cherish long after those digital files are lost in a computer crash.

How Do I Decide What Size Portrait to Get?

My projection proofing system allows you to see exactly how your portraits will look on the walls of your home. To do that, either I will photograph your walls during your in-home consultation or you can photograph them and send me a copy of the digital file before your viewing and purchasing appointment.

I’ll show you your portrait in several sizes and help you choose the one that’s appropriate for your wall. Larger sizes do cost more, but I’d rather you purchase the size that’s right than make more money by selling you something too large.

If, after you get your portrait home and on your wall, you decide it’s the wrong size I’ll gladly exchange it for the next size up or down. If you go smaller, I’ll refund the difference; if you want a larger portrait you only owe the extra. You can’t make the wrong choice.

I have a friend who takes great pictures. Why should I hire a professional instead?

With today’s technology a lot of people are honing their amateur photography skills. If “free” is your price point, then you are probably not my customer. For those people who do not care to take the time and effort to learn all the various skills and buy the equipment and software, it makes sense to hire a professional. Professional photographers are local business people. We hope you will buy local and support businesses on your community.