Weeds of the Pacific Northwest

Weeds of the Pacific Northwest

Weeds of the Pacific Northwest will be published by Timber Press on February 13, 2024. Photographer Mark Turner was on the road and hiking trails throughout Washington, Oregon, and northern California throughout 2020 and 2021 to find and photograph 368 unique species of plants you probably don’t want showing up in your garden or elsewhere on your property. Sami Gray wrote the descriptions.

The book is a comprehensive guide to the most common weeds of the Pacific Northwest, with essential information on their management and eradication.

Weeds are everywhere. They crowd out valuable agricultural crops, compete with the tomatoes and beans in your vegetable garden, spread rampantly along roadsides, and pop up from the tiniest cracks in sidewalks. In order to manage them, we must first learn how to identify them.

Weeds of the Pacific Northwest is a guide to identifying, controlling, and eradicating over 300 species of weeds that gardeners and homeowners are likely to encounter in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Though they can all cause trouble, each weed is different. The hundreds of user-friendly photographs and detailed descriptions of each species here ensure that you can spot and treat any weed in your path. As the experts behind this book demonstrate, some plants can be killed by eating them, some by digging, some by smothering, and some only by the judicious application of chemical herbicides—and it is very important for you and your neighbors to know and understand the differences.

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Order your autographed copy after February 13, 2024 from our secure Ordering page. Most bookstores in the Northwest should have the book. If yours doesn’t carry it then ask them to order it for you.

View images from the book, as well as those from the companion volumes Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest and Trees & Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest, at Pacific Northwest Wildflowers. This website is fully searchable and includes over 16,000 wildflower, tree, and shrub photos. New photos are added to the website each season.