0702671 Rosy Balsamroot, extreme wide angle w/ hiker on horizon [Balsamorhiza rosea]. Richland, Badger Mtn., WA. © Mark Turner0415197 Sulphur Eriogonum w/ Pilot Rock bkgnd [Eriogonum umbellatum]. Cascade-Siskiyou NM Pilot Rock, OR. © Mark Turner0020448 Mt. Rainier south face fr Plummer Pk w/ Indian Paintbrush & Subalpine Daisies in wildflower meadow, sunset [Castilleja parviflora; Erigeron peregrinus]. Mt. Rainier NP, WA. © Mark Turner9706805 Pink Heather on slope above upper Soleduc R valley [Phyllodoce empetriformis]. Olympic NP Appleton Pass, WA. © Mark Turner954367 Coastine at Cape Blanco Iris douglasiana]. Cape Blanco SP, OR. © Mark Turner0811059 Broad-leaved Lupines on alpine scree slope w/ Spotted Saxifrage & Mountain Juniper [Lupinus latifolius; Juniperus communis]. Okanogan NF Slate Peak, WA. © Mark Turner0811156 Lewis's Monkeyflower [Mimulus lewisii]. Okanogan NF Harts Pass Rd, WA. © Mark Turner0713833 Gray Rabbitbrush on lava flow w/ Lava Butte bkgnd [Ericameria nauseosa]. Newberry National Volcanic Monument, OR. © Mark Turner

Whether it’s wildflowers in the landscape, showing their growth habit and companion plants, or individual specimen photographs, Mark Turner is the northwest wildflower photography expert. Almost every photo in his library of thousands of images is captioned in detail with common names, Latin names, and location. He has worked with other wildflower experts to provide complete and accurate identifications. His photos combine an artist’s eye with scientific knowledge to show important identifying features.

Mark is the photographer and co-author of the award-winning Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest, published by Timber Press in 2006. He travelled over 45,000 miles throughout Washington and Oregon in 2003 and 2004 to find and photograph the flowers which are included in the book. Since then, he’s continued to photograph wildflowers and add them to his library.

Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest cover

All of the photos in Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest are online at Pacific Northwest Wildflowers. On those pages you’ll find more than 16,000 wildflower, tree, and shrub photos. You can browse by location, date, color and more. There’s also a powerful search function. Please visit Pacific Northwest Wildflowers and explore the diversity of flowers, both native and introduced, that are found in Washington, Oregon, northern California, British Columbia, and adjacent areas.