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Weeds of the Pacific Northwest

Weeds of the Pacific Northwest

By Mark Turner and Sami Gray

Weeds are everywhere. They crowd out valuable agricultural crops, compete with the tomatoes and beans in your vegetable garden, spread rampantly along roadsides, and pop up from the tiniest cracks in sidewalks. In order to manage them, we must first learn how to identify them.

Weeds of the Pacific Northwest is a guide to identifying, controlling, and eradicating over 300 species of weeds that gardeners and homeowners are likely to encounter in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Through they can all cause trouble, each weed is different. The hundreds of user-friendly photographs and detailed descriptions of each species here ensure that you can spot and treat any weed in your path. As native plant experts Mark Turner and Sami Gray demonstrate, some plants can be killed by eating them, some by digging, some by smothering, and some only by the judicious application of chemical herbicides—and it is very important for you and your neighbors to know and understand the differences.

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Trees & Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest

Trees and Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest

By Mark Turner and Ellen Kuhlmann

Discover 568 species of woody plants that can be found in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and northern California through beautiful clear photographs accompanied by the family, scientific and common names, flowering seasons, and size of each plant, as well as a range map. This comprehensive field guide also features introductory chapters on the native landscape, plant habitats, and northwest’s ecoregions.

Trees and Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest is for hikers, nature lovers, plant geeks, and anyone who wants to know more about, and be able to identify, the many plants of the Pacific Northwest.

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Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

By Mark Turner and Phyllis Gustafson

Featuring more than 1240 stunning color photographs, this comprehensive field guide will remain a trusted, authoritative trailside reference for years to come. It describes and illustrates 1220 commonly encountered species, both native and nonnative, including perennials, annuals, and shrubs. Encompassing the Pacific Northwest from southern British Columbia to northern California, from the coast to the mountains and high desert, this handy book is perfect for hikers, naturalists, native plant enthusiasts, and anyone wishing to learn about the amazingly diverse wildflowers of the region. Organized by flower color and shape, and including a range map for each flower described, it is as user-friendly as it is informative.

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