Trees and Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest

Trees & Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest

Trees and Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest will be published by Timber Press in June, 2014. Photographer Mark Turner was on the road and hiking trails throughout Washington, Oregon, and northern California throughout 2011 and 2012 to find and photograph over 568 unique species. Ellen Kuhlmann wrote the descriptions.

This comprehensive field guide features introductory chapters on the native landscape, plus entries that detail the family, scientific and common names, flowering seasons, and size of each plant. Each entry also includes color photographs of the plant’s habitat and distinguishing characteristics, plus a range map.

Trees and Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest is for hikers, nature lovers, plant geeks, and anyone who wants to know more about, and be able to identify, the many woody plants of the Pacific Northwest.

Each species is illustrated by one to four photographs.

Sample Page

Trees Sample Page

Order your autographed copy today from our secure Ordering page. Most bookstores in the Northwest should have the book. If yours doesn’t carry it then ask them to order it for you.

View images from the book, as well as those from the companion volume Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest, at Pacific Northwest Wildflowers. This website is fully searchable and includes all the photos, descriptions, and distribution maps from the book, along with over 14,000 wildflower, tree, and shrub photos. New photos are added to the website each season.