Going to the Dogs

I hate the bandwagon effect, the idea that just because everyone else is doing it you should be, too. Isn’t that what leads all those lemmings off the cliff? But I’ve been hearing from other photographers across the country how much fun they’re having photographing pets. And there’s a certain profit motive involved here as well. I read a few days ago that people in the USA spend some $35 billion annually on their pets.

Taimi Gorman and Oscar

Dogs (and cats) are much-loved members of the family for many households. They give unconditional love and affection, something that is often otherwise missing in our daily lives.

I’m starting to explore those bonds and relationships between pets and humans in my photography. My latest venture, Purebred Pet Portraits, is an outgrowth of my human portrait photography. I’m getting some marketing guidance from Taimi Gorman, owner of Gorman Publicity and the unfortunately now-defunct Doggie Diner in Fairhaven. That’s Taimi with Oscar in the photo at the right. Madeline the pug, sitting on the wooden chair, is also her dog.
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