Garden Photography Gallery

Four seasonal galleries of garden photographs will give you just a taste of Mark Turner’s horticultural photography. With over 80,000 garden photographs available, only a tiny fraction of the collection is displayed here. These small selections of Pacific Northwest gardens will give you an idea about what grows here, when it blooms, and how Mark sees a garden. There’s a mix of public and private gardens, broad landscapes, plant portraits, and intimate details.

For a more extensive selection of garden photographs from work in progress for a new book about gardening in the interior northwest, visit the gallery at Inland Northwest Gardening. There you will find thousands of photographs from a diverse selection of gardens in eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, western Idaho, and the Canadian Okanagan.

A complete list of species in the Turner Photographics horticultural collection can be downloaded as a PDF file. This Horticultural Stock List runs more than 80 pages and is sorted alphabetically by Latin name.