Historic Characters

Fairhaven Village Green Mural
The painters and the painted, in front of the Fairhaven Village Green mural.

The painters and the painted came down to Fairhaven on Sunday morning, April 26 to have their portrait made with the Fairhaven Village Green Mural.

Lanny Little originally painted the mural some 13 years ago, then refreshed and updated it in the summer of 2013. In the process he added eleven people who have played a role in modern Fairhaven over the last four decades or so.

Longtime “Mr. Fairhaven” and proprietor of the Fairhaven.com website, aka John Servais, invited all the people who had been painted into the mural, as well as those who helped Lanny with the painting in 2013, to come to the Village Green for a dedication and group portrait during Dirty Dan Day on April 27. This photo is the result. Continue reading