Assignment: Bricks

Brick wall, Pacific Chef building

A couple of weeks ago I ended up with an hour or so to wander around Fairhaven, where my studio is located, when a client failed to show up for an appointment.

I gave myself the assignment to photograph bricks. I ended up straying a bit from the theme and included a few other textures, but with all the brick in this old commercial neighborhood I was able to keep myself busy and come up with some interesting views of the subject.

All of these images, set to music in the video below, were photographed with my Canon G12 camera. They’ve been processed in Adobe Lightroom to enhance colors and contrast. I crop almost all my photos in the camera, filling the frame with my subject and avoiding everything that isn’t important. I think that’s a valuable skill, one that also saves a lot of time in editing later.

Were you able to identify specifically where most of these were made? For a hint, they’re all from the core of the Fairhaven business district.

Try giving yourself an assignment to photograph a single subject and see how many variations you can come up with in a set time period, say an hour. It’s a way to keep your creativity loose and flexible, and to see your world in new ways.

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