Falling for Fairhaven Fun


Gotta catch me a cab and head down to old Fairhaven town for a little Halloween fun.

People watching from Tony's window

Maybe I’ll grab a cup of Tony’s coffee and sit in the window watching all the fairies and goblins stroll by.

Am I a witch?

This holiday isn’t just for kids any more. Even older folks get into the spirit of dressing up, painting faces, and assuming an alter-ego for a day.

Trick-or-treaters cross Harris Avenue.Loot bag? Check.

Best friend? Check.

Costume? Check.

A ride to Fairhaven from mom? Check.

Halloween trick-or-treating in Fairhaven Sunday afternoon was a mob scene with sidewalks crowded with hundreds of happy haunters. Check out more photos in the Fairhaven Halloween Gallery.

I felt a bit out of place wandering the streets with a camera but no costume. OK, so I was wearing clothes, but nothing special for the holiday. I hope you all had fun. I know I did.

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