Photography Merit Badge Class

I’ve been working with three Scouts from Bellingham’s Troop 3 on the Photography Merit Badge since early January.  We started with the basics of what is a camera and how does it work. We’ve looked at photos to help the boys get a sense of what makes a photo a good one. Saturday afternoon we met at Whatcom Falls Park to make some photographs, using the bridge, falls, creek, and each other as subjects.

With digital cameras its easy to give a quick assignment, have the boys shoot, then do an instant critique from the display on the back of their cameras. Then they can go and improve the pictures that need work. We spent about 2 hours working on the basics of composition:  rule of thirds, leading lines, filling the frame, and so forth.

While the boys were shooting, I was photographing them. Here’s a quick video of some of my photos of the boys.

These were shot with my Canon S70 pocket camera, optimized in Lightroom 2.3, and the animation created with Animoto.

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