End of an Era

Today I delivered hundreds of pounds of note cards to theWashington Native Plant Society offices in Seattle. Yesterday, the good people from the ReStore in Bellingham picked up another truckload. After 15 years, I’m out of the note card business.

Back in 1993 when I was laid off from my day job, I went into business with a line of note cards. I invested thousands in printing and then tried to peddle them through retailers. After a year I determined I couldn’t make a sufficient living in the paper products business and changed course. Since then I continued to sell some of the cards, but mostly they were taking up space.

That space will now become a more friendly camera room for portraits. I’ve still got some cleanup work to do, but it feels good to have the cards gone. The two groups that took them, along with the Whatcom Land Trust, which took some cards earlier this month, will put them to good use in the coming years. Otherwise they would have fed the hydropulper at some paper mill.

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