Seeing Light

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We photographers are constantly looking at the way light falls on our subjects. Sometimes we’re looking for drama, other times for something soft and subtle.

Last evening, toward sunset, Brian and I were standing in our living room sharing a hug. His back was to the western windows and I noted how the light coming through his hair made it glow. He commented on the rim of bright light on my thin white hair, with my face in the shadow of his. As I moved my head I saw how the light reflected off my face onto his.

Then Brian brought his hands up next to his face and started playing. I reached for my iPhone and recorded this short video.

I’m accustomed to using reflectors of various kinds when photographing, but I’d never considered that something most of us have — hands — could be used as reflectors on subjects the size of a face. We shared smiles and had fun, too.

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