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Yellow Daylilies

Once again, Brian and I didn’t get far in our after-dinner stroll around the garden. These daylilies, planted in a narrow bed between the house and the driveway, just opened in the last day or two. We love their rich yellow blossoms held on strong stems above the narrow leaves.

Yellow Dayliliy blossom

As the name implies, each individual daylily blossom is only open for a single day. We’re able to enjoy their blossoms for much longer than that because they produce many flowers over the course of the few weeks when they’re in bloom.

Yellow Dayliliy blossom

It frustrates me somewhat that I don’t know the name of this particular daylily cultivar. It’s one of the plants we inherited when we bought the house. Since there are many, many named yellow daylilies in cultivation, it’s challenging to get them fully identified.

Yellow Dayliliy blossoms

Of course, one doesn’t really need to know the full name of a flower to enjoy it.

Yellow Daylilies

The entire clump is vigorous and will probably need to be divided in a year or so. We’ll spread these around to other places in the garden. When they’re finished blooming, the hydrangea behind them will be coming into flower, continuing our quest for something in bloom nearly every day of the year.

For now, we’ll enjoy daylily season, which in some sense marks the beginning of summer.

Some people complain that deer like to munch on daylilies, but that hasn’t been our experience in our garden. I guess different deer have different tastes.

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