On the Bleeding Heart Carpet

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Bleeding Heart

Spring has to be my favorite time of the year. We put the cold, snow, wind, and heavy rains behind us and welcome the return of green plants all around us.

Here in our little corner of paradise we’re blessed with a massive carpet of our native bleeding heart (Dicentra formosa) on large expanses of our woodland floor. I’ve been checking on the emergence of the foliage and flower buds for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday I found the first almost-open flowers, which means than within a week or so we’ll have a glorious flower show.

The photo above was made last year on one of our woodland trails, just one of many places which can make a nice portrait setting for individuals or small groups. If you’ve been waiting for just the right environment for your outdoor portrait this is the time. Give us a call at 360-671-6851 (yes, we still answer the phone) to schedule your portrait among the bleeding hearts. They won’t last long once they come into full bloom so don’t delay.

Pacific Bleeding Heart

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