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There may be a handful of hermits out there who hole up away from the rest of society and shun connections with other people. The rest of us crave relationships and for most people family connections are the ones that matter the most. Those connections run deep – think about all the people doing genealogy research to learn about their ancestors. Relationships span time and distance. The return of a parent or child after an absence is a joyous occasion and cause for celebration.

Henshaw Family at the Hotel Bellwether

As families we want to remember those who have made us smile, taught us the important things in life (and maybe some of the trivial ones, too), shared their heritage, the exuberance of youth, or the experience and wisdom of old age. A family portrait is one way to remember relationships at a point in time through many following decades.

Anniversaries, the addition of a new family member, and the imminent departure of a child for college or life on their own are all significant family events worthy of a professional portrait.

What we remember from portrait day will be different for each family member, but the shared experience is one to cherish.
Most people have certain expectations for their family portrait, such as everyone’s smiling face being toward the camera. That’s certainly one approach, and as your photographer I’ll always create at least one portrait like that. However, it’s not the only way to create a portrait. What if members of your family are looking at each other? What if we don’t see your faces at all? You’ll still know who is in your portrait, but possibly it becomes more of a piece of art, more about your relationships than about your faces.

When I visit you to discuss your portrait we’ll talk about the relationships in your family and how they might best be portrayed. Are there siblings that should be together because they’re also best friends? Or maybe they should be separated because they fight?

In the process of creating your portrait you’ll learn something about me as I learn about you. We’ll start to build a relationship before I even pick up my camera. That helps make your session more fun, which makes your portrait that much better.

Give me a call at 360-671-6851 to schedule a consultation. It doesn’t cost anything to talk. Or visit our Family Portraits page for more details first.

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