One thought on “Plant of the Month: Deciduous Azaleas

  1. Really enjoy your newsletter! I spent a couple of years in Bellingham while going to school, first at a run down old apt. bldg on Forest that still hadn’t burned down two years ago (that’s why I moved from there, it was and is a firetrap), then out on Sammish Way into a little house where huge maroon and white striped dahlias delighted me,(now a motel) then out to 2525 Ellis until I moved to California. Loved the town, the spectacular sunsets and all there was to do. It hasn’t changed much. My great grandparents were among the very first settlers in Fairhaven and GGFather Herman Hofercamp was postmaster. They built the first clapboard home in town across from where the Bellingham Herald is or was, but it was torn down for commercial property in the early 1900’s. So I have a long association with Bellingham.