Waterfront Snow

Whatcom Museum (Old City Hall), winter
Whatcom Museum (Old City Hall), winter

A week ago we Bellinghamsters were freezing our patooties off in 15° weather and braving several inches of snow to get around. It seemed like a great time to head out and get a few winter images, so I bundled up, put my truck in 4-wheel drive, and headed to town. I spent the first part of the morning at Whatcom Falls Park and then traveled down the creek to the waterfront.

Whatcom Museum, Bellingham’s old city hall, is an oft-photographed landmark. I like this waterfront view from Maritime Heritage Park.

'Rocket Ships' industrial artifacts
‘Rocket Ships’ industrial artifacts (built as pulp mill digesters)

Bellingham’s newest park, Waypoint Park, is on the site of the former Georgia-Pacific pulp and paper mill. Most of the buildings have been torn down to make way for development and public space, but a few industrial artifacts have been preserved. These tanks, once digesters in the pulp mill, resemble rocket ships and that’s what most people call them.

Photo notes: Photographed with a Canon 5D Mark IV and converted to black and white in Photoshop with Nik SilverEfx Pro. Whatcom Museum was shot with a 24-105mm lens at 75mm, the rocket ships with a 70-200mm lens at 105mm.

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