Interview with Santa

Santa ClausSanta Claus took a little time out of his busy schedule to come into the studio for a fresh portrait a little while back. While he and Mrs. Claus were in, we talked a bit about some of the questions that children frequently ask him. He was gracious to share his answers.

Q: What does Santa do when a house does not have a chimney or there is a fire burning in the fire place?
SC: I use a little magic and make one!

Q: Does Rudolph always lead the sleigh?
SC: Yes! His nose is bright and can light up any sky!

Q: How do the reindeer fly?
SC: Magic reindeer feed!

Q: Why can’t I ever see Santa or his elves?
SC: The elves are very magical and fast! If you’re very good, you might catch a glimpse of an elf!

Q: How do I become an elf?
SC: Stay in school, get good grades and then – who knows!

Q: How does Santa’s sleigh make it around the world in one day?
SC: A little hard work and planning, a touch of magic and the reindeer of course!

Q: How does Santa know whether I have been naughty or nice?
SC: I get a fax every morning!

Q: What kind of snack does Santa like left out for him?
SC: Cookies! Chocolate chip are a favorite, but I will try anything left out! The reindeer like carrots and sugar beets the best!

Q: How many reindeer are in the North Pole?
SC: Lots & lots! Santa has way too many to count!

Q: What are the names of Santa’s reindeer?
SC: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and of course Rudolph. There are many more Chet, Bailey, Dibbz, Baxter, but not enough time to list them all.

Santa & Mrs. Claus

Q: What do Santa and Mrs. Claus do during the spring and summer?
SC: I like to take Mrs. Claus out and see the world and spend a week in the sun! Just one week though, lots of toys to make!

Q: Why doesn’t Santa always bring me what I asked for?
SC: Thanks to the elves, I know what you ask for, but I also know your parents and use their judgment, what you have room for and take all that into consideration. You may not have room for the pony you asked for, or I didn’t see the latest best RC cars guide to bring you that special toy car you wanted – but that doesn’t mean I won’t next year!

Q: Why does Santa Claus climb down the chimney?
SC: It would be better than falling!

Q: Why don’t you come every day of the year?
SC: It takes a whole year to get ready for the next Christmas!

Q: Do you have a red-nosed reindeer?
SC: Yes, Rudolph!

Q: Is there a real Rudolph?
SC: Yes!

Q: How many cookies do you eat?
SC: Lots & lots! Way to many to count!

Q: How many kids do you deliver to?
SC: Billions! Big kids, little kids, all kids!

Q: Has Santa ever missed a year?
SC: No! Never missed a Christmas yet! There a lots of practice and planning that go into Christmas eve to make sure nothing goes wrong!

Q: Do you get the flu?
SC: I did once, June of 1956 I think. Mrs. Claus keeps me very healthy and makes me and all the elves get flu shots!

Santa & Mrs. ClausQ: Do you really live at the North Pole? I thought it was all ice up there and dark all winter long.
SC: Yes, but I do take vacations. The place is always decorated with plenty of festive lights, and Mrs. Claus’s cheerful face always keeps me in high spirits, and her cookies!

Q: Why does Santa Claus give toys to children?
SC:I give toys to all good boys & girls! I enjoy putting smiles on their faces!

Q: Why does Santa Claus wear red?
SC: Mrs. Claus made the suit the very first day I started delivering toys and red is a very cheerful color and I stand out from the other grownups!

Q: Why doesn’t Santa grow old and die like other people?
SC: I was once a mortal man, but because of all my kindness to all the good boys & girls, I was given the gift of immortality or Christmas spirit to continue my work every Christmas eve!

Q: How do you remember who wants what?
SC: An in-dash computer system with speech to let me know what house to get to next and the list of goodies to be left under the tree!

Q: Does Santa’s sleigh have air-bags, navigation or in-sleigh stereo?
SC: No need for air bags, the reindeer are very skilled in landings! Navigation has been computerized in the last few years to help plot a faster route to all the houses! And yes, a stereo is a must! Christmas carols are the preferred choice!

Q: Can children from the Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, or other faiths be visited by Santa?
SC: I’m known in many cultures by many different names, so yes children all over the world will be visited by me!

So there you have it, straight from Santa himself. He’ll be at Bellingham’s Holiday Port Festival next weekend to listen to children’s wishes and pose for photos with them. Hours are 4-8 pm Friday, December 4; 1-5 pm Saturday, December 5; and 1-4:30 pm Sunday, December 6. Look for Santa just inside the Bellingham Cruise Terminal.

I’ll be there too, photographing the kids with Santa. Photo packages begin at just $20. While you’re there, enjoy the holiday music and check out all the gingerbread houses entered in this year’s contest.

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Santa

  1. Anita Simpson on said:

    When my son was taking a marshal arts class, the instructor told them that he had Santa’s fax number. I thought he was full of it, but Santa really does have a fax machine!

  2. Sounds like you’re just a big kid at Christmastime! Just like me! This was a fun read Mark. Thanks of the uplift in spirit!