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Raspberries with Blue GlassThis is about as fresh as you can get. Natalie picked a large bowl of red raspberries in our garden after dinner tonight. As she brought them in I thought they’d make a nice still life.

I chose an antique pressed-glass bowl from the family heirlooms and carefully poured some raspberries in. I placed it on our white UK pvc tablecloths and added some of our collection of blue glass in the background for contrast.

I cleared a space to work on the table and played with placements until I got something I liked. This frame was made with my 100mm macro lens, set pretty wide open. I also shot a few frames with my 90mm tilt-shift lens to control depth of field. Since the photo was made after 8 pm on a cloudy evening, I did a custom white balance on the tablecloth. I used a handheld small reflector to add a little fill light on the bowl of berries, but this is basically just very soft window light exposed for about 4 seconds.

I don’t do a lot of tabletop photography, and most of my food shots are made when the produce is still attached to its roots. But occasionally I get inspired to do something different from my regular routine. That’s part of what keeps this crazy business fun and interesting.


This is another of the frames I made of our fresh raspberries tonight. They look so tasty I think I’ll have to eat them as soon as this is posted.

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