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It’s always nice to have my work featured on a magazine cover. Here’s the April issue of This Old House.

This Old House April 2009 Cover

A similar image runs full page inside as the lead photo for the story about patio pavers. Both were made on an early May visit to this delightful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho garden. I’ve made two additional visits, one in July and another in January when several inches of snow covered everything.

The home and garden are on a small lot on the old fort grounds not far from the shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene. Being close to the lake, Patti enjoys a slightly warmer microclimate than gardeners just a few miles away. She’s stuffed her garden (without feeling crowded) with a great plant palette, complemented with appropriate hardscaping.

Large deciduous trees provide ample shade from the summer sun, and made the garden a joy to photograph on this spring morning. Soft filtered light is almost always flattering to a garden. For that matter, it’s flattering to most subjects. This photo was made with all natural light. No reflectors, diffusers, nor strobes were needed. It’s a matter of looking for, and seeing the light, then taking advantage of it. I always carry light modifiers, but they often stay in my bag.

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3 thoughts on “Cover Appeal

  1. Cute place.

    That is one of very few cities that I’ve driven through, and wished I had stopped in for a while. We drove through twice going from Portland to Ohio, picking the highway there for the trees and mountains.

    The climate seems like it would accomodate a lot of nice landscape plants.

    Pavers or brick sure seem to compliment older homes like this.