Pearl Django at Interconnect

Pearl Django at Interconnect SystemsI went to the Bellingham Chamber of Commerce Business After Business tonight and was delighted to find that our hosts, Curtis & Felicity Dye of Interconnect Systems had invited Pearl Django to come up from Seattle and make wonderful music for us.

The monthly Business After Business events are a relaxed way to socialize with other business people from the community. There’s always good food and beverages, but not always live music. And rarely is the music of the caliber of tonight’s affair.

There are often door prizes at these affairs. Tonight I was the lucky winner of one of two signed CDs by Pearl Django. I’ve been listening to these folks on KPLU for years, but this was the first time I’d heard them in person so winning a CD was a special treat.

Felicity & Curtis DyeToward the end of the evening Curtis & Felicity danced to one of the tunes. No one else got up to dance, although the offer was open.

The pair of photos here were made with my iPhone and processed in Adobe Lightroom before posting. Fluorescent lighting isn’t the most flattering, but with care the phone captures the occasion. It’s noisy and low resolution, but sometimes that just doesn’t matter.
Thanks, Curtis, for having us over tonight.

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