Family Portrait in the Park

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This morning I photographed a young family in Bellingham’s Cornwall Park. The forecast was for possible snow and/or rain, but the morning dawned calm and partly sunny. It was still cold, only in the low 30s, at 10 am when we started but this is an outdoors family that was prepared for the conditions. Here’s a sampler from the session:

The little boy in the photos is about 20 months old and just beginning to talk. He liked throwing fir cones in the creek, collecting rocks, and going down the slide on the playground. He reminded me that little kids have a very short attention span so I had to be quick.

We worked for about an hour until the little one said “done” and headed toward the car.

Because my subject was so mobile I shot handheld this morning, using on-camera fill flash most of the time. I had set up off-camera flash for the first shot, but with a sync cable to the camera. It worked, but I’m really coveting some wireless flash triggers.

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