Raven Rose

‘Raven’ RoseLast month I was down in Portland for the annual Garden Writers Association symposium. I took time on the morning afterward to spend a few hours exploring and photographing in the International Rose Test Garden. There are a huge number of roses in the garden, many of them looking very nice in late September. But one stood out to me that day — a shrub rose called ‘Raven’.

What struck me was the pattern of the petals. Neither too full nor a single, I liked the way the individual petals curved around and formed nice patterns in each blossom. The bushes were covered with lots of these very dark red velvety flowers.

I’ve never seen ‘Raven’ in the garden center, but it’s one I’d definitely seek out if I decide there’s room in our garden for a new rose.

Now that we’re almost to the end of October, the roses are about finished. But it’s nice to think back and remember some of the blooms from earlier in the season.

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3 thoughts on “Raven Rose

  1. Found this rose on your site. Raven rose I was wandering if you knew is this rose is available to buy in the Uk. If not could you tell me a web site i may be able to buy it of. Or any other information would be grateful.

  2. K.C. Casey on said:

    I had three Raven rosebushes at my former residence and yes, it is a splendid unique variety with continuous clusters of small velvet red blooms. I have been searching for Raven at nurseries and online retailers but have been unable to find Raven for purchase anywhere. Weeks Roses used to cultivate Raven but it is no longer on their website. Anyone else have any idea where I might purchase Raven ? I am in Oregon but if I can,t find Raven locally I am willing to try purchasing online, but where ??? Raven Truly Is A Wonderful Velvet Red Rose !!!