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I’ve been spending too much time on my butt in front of the computer the last few days, mostly selecting photos to send to magazine editors for upcoming stories. In the end, there should be some sales, but right now I’m tired of sitting. In the old days I got some exercise in the process of pulling slides to send out since my light table is in the next room from the shelves of slides. Now I mostly just sit and wiggle the mouse. I still have to look at a lot of images to select those that best fit the request. Some of these wantlists run two or three single-spaced pages, so it gets tedious. It’s a good job for a rainy and windy day, which we’ve been having several of lately. With luck I’ll get caught up with all the requests before the weather improves and I can get back out shooting again. Requests always seem to bunch up. I’m pulling images for September issues currently, which includes some winter bulbs photographed in February and early March. When the originals are on film then I have to scan and optimize them, add metadata, and file them in my storage directory structure before I can add them to a digital submission. No one seems to want film any more.

Purple Garden

I did enjoy the Saturday afternoon Whatcom Horticultural Society advance tour of the gardens that will be open on June 21 and 22. I shot a few photos for the WHS website and put together a short slideshow that I posted to YouTube. It’s linked on the WHS site. The six gardens are all quite different and worth visiting if you’ll be in Bellingham that weekend. The photo is from one of the tour gardens.

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