Chasing Autumn

We’re still a few days away from the official start of Autumn (September 23 this year), but it sure doesn’t feel like summer any more.  I was out in a garden near Ferndale a couple of days ago and it doesn’t quite look like autumn yet, either.  Late summer flowers were still blooming and grasses were beginning to flower. The weather was definitely fall-like — overcast, spitting rain, and windy. Our night-time low last night was about 40° F.

I head up to Kelowna, BC tomorrow to revisit several of the gardens I photographed in early May and mid-June. Some of the gardeners have said it is too early while others say their gardens are looking good. Catching the peak of autumn is a challenge and there are many places I’d like to catch that peak.  Hopefully I’ll be in at least one of them at the right time.

I’ll be putting a new lens to the test on this trip.  I just received the Canon 24-105mm f/4 L, which is reportedly a little contrastier and sharper than the 28-135mm I’ve been using for several years.  I made a few test shots in our garden today and they look good. I forgot to test for vignetting at the wide end, a problem I’ve been experiencing with the 28-135 when there’s sky in the corner of the frame.

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