Experience a Softer Portrait

What’s Old is New Again

Becki Murphy portrait

A century ago when you visited a portrait studio you sat for your portrait and the photographer exposed just a few sheets of film with a big camera. Film was slow, so you had to compose yourself and sit quietly for several seconds. The look is very different from what most photographers are producing today.

Brian Mattioli classic portrait

From now until March 13 I’m experimenting with this more contemplative kind of portrait. You can experience this more reflective session for only $50. Plus, you’ll get 10% off all the finished portraits you purchase.

I’ll photograph you in the studio, using a lens based on an 1830s design that produces a softer look than modern lenses. It’s great for hiding wrinkles and other imperfections.

Greg Chambers long-exposure portrait

Once you’ve chosen your favorite portrait (you can choose more than one) then I’ll process it to classic black and white. Sepia is an option if you prefer.

These sessions are for individuals of any age. Children are welcome, as long as they can sit still and take direction.

Schedule Your Classic Portrait Now by calling the studio at 360-671-6851.

The Details

Classsic portrait special offer ends March 13, 2018.

Classic Portrait Special Request

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