No Box Senior Portraits

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Hana Kaneshige senior portrait

Conform to the norm and simultaneously express your individuality? Be the same but be different? Separate from parental influence and at the same time show you love them and the security they provide? The high school years are full of these dichotomies as teens grow and become individuals.

Kristena SchildtSenior year marks an important milestone on the road to adulthood. For most seniors and their families it’s one of the important occasions that calls for a professional portrait.

When you come to Turner Photographics for your senior portrait we encourage you to collaborate with us and create memorable portraits that tell your story. Of course we’ll make a portrait that meets your school’s yearbook requirements but that’s only the beginning.

Your personality, passions, activities, and favorite haunts can all play a role in your portrait. It’s definitely not a cookie-cutter, everybody looks the same kind of experience. You’ll have fun and express your creativity in front of the camera.

We like to call it the NO BOX senior portrait experience. August is a great time for 2011 Seniors to have their portrait made and avoid the hectic scheduling that is sure to come once school starts in September. Call 360-671-6851 today to schedule your senior session.

Visit our Senior Portraits page for more details.

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