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In mid-July I taught Pocket Camera Wildflower Photography for the North Cascades Institute at the NCI Environmental Learning Center on Diablo Lake. It’s a beautiful facility and I had a sold-out complement of fifteen students for the better part of three days. We started with the technical foundation of understanding camera settings and controls. Next I introduced aesthetic concepts, followed by a full-day field trip hike to Easy Pass where everyone practiced what they learned and I worked with each student individually to help them solve problems and improve their images. In the evening we projected favorites from each student and I critiqued their work in a positive and supportive way. On the third day we hiked and photographed on Sauk Mountain and I continued the one-on-one instruction.

Here’s what Laura Busby, NCI Program Director, had to say after the class was over. “Thank you very much for teaching the awesome Pocket Camera Wildflower Photography class with NCI! I was especially impressed at how accessible you were for participants and careful to be sure they all got to spend some time with you. You also did a terrific job with the critique – giving lots of positive feedback and concrete suggestions for each person. Your attention to these aspects of the class helped the participants come away with a really valuable experience!”

Sand-dune Broomrape MacroI have two more classes on my calendar and others in the works. Get in touch if you’d like me to teach a class for your group and we can discuss the details of where, when, what, and how much.

Here’s what’s up next:

Saturday, August 14, 11:30 am at the Burke Museum in Seattle. Macro Photography. I’ll discuss lens and camera choice, lighting, and composition for macro photography, explore the effects of depth of field, selective focus, and subject selection to help you discover new ways to capture the beauty of the natural world. This one-hour lecture is part of the Burke’s Focus on Photography day. Open to all. See the Burke Museum website for the whole day’s events.

The Sand-dune Broomrape, Orobanche ludoviciana, at the left is an example of the macro photography I’ll be showing and discussing at the Burke. This photo was made on the White Bluffs of Hanford Reach with a Canon 100mm macro lens on my digital SLR. It’s considerably bigger on your screen than in real life.

Monday, September 13, 4:30 pm at the Garden Writers Association Annual Symposium in Dallas, Texas. Punch Up Your Photos With Lightroom. I’ll demonstrate a series of quick and non-destructive adjustments you can make to your digital originals to make them look better in print or on the web. Open to GWA members registered for the symposium. See the Garden Writers website for full symposium details.

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