Play Date Portrait Special

Come In and Play!

Nights are still long and the days gray. But my studio on Wynn Road is nice and warm, with flattering lights and a variety of backgrounds. I’m ready to play with some new photography ideas this month and have a special offer for a few people who are also in a playful mood.

I’m offering a few free “Play Date” sessions in the studio during the month of February. I want to try out some new lighting techniques, experiment with posing, work with people who want more than a “smile for the camera” portrait, and create some new studio samples I can use in my marketing throughout the rest of the year.

David Starr, soprano saxophone

What do you get out of the deal?

You get a free studio portrait session with absolutely no obligation to purchase anything. Of course, I hope you’ll be excited about some of what we come up with together and just can’t resist purchasing a finished portrait or two. To sweeten the deal, you get a 10% discount off regular prices on anything you purchase from the session.

The Rules

Ernst's Eyes

Winter Play Date Special Request

Please include your phone number and best time to call so we can discuss your questions by phone. Thanks.