Get in the Box!

Clowns in the box

Channel your inner clown and head to the Turner Photographics studio for a fun family photo session! Whether you’re as full of fun as Zig Zag and Ragz doesn’t matter. You and your kids can’t help but have fun playing in our big, strong wooden box to create a portrait that’s uniquely you.

What is this box, you ask? It’s a solid wood box 3 1/2 feet square. Think of it as a playground, jungle gym, or meditative space. How you interact with our box is up to you.

How does this work? Schedule a one-hour box session in the studio. Come prepared to experiment, play, and have a good time individually and in groups. We’ll create over 100 images. Then you’ll pick your nine favorites and I’ll put them together into a composite like the ones on this page. The finished print will be 20″ x 20″, a great accent piece for your home.

Duetts in the box

What’s it cost? $495, which includes the studio session (regular price $149) and a 20″ x 20″ classic print (regular price $695). Add a frame for $125 and it’s ready to hang.

Can I get other sizes? The 9-image grouping is only available as a 20″ x 20″ print. You can add a 10″ x 20″ 3-image print for $195 (regular price $279) during this special.

Any tips? Choose clothing that flatters you and helps you look like a family. Keep in mind that the background is white. This is a time to let your personality come through.

Age limits? Elementary school age children and up work best, for safety reasons. The bottom of the box is 2 feet off the floor and the box itself is about 12 inches deep.

Ringstads in the box

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