Basic Photography Class with Mark Turner

Five Steps to Better Pictures!

Price: $99 per person

Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017

Time: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Place: Turner Photographics Studio, 4682 Wynn Road, Bellingham, WA 98226

Mark Turner teaching
“Give me a morning and I’ll show you how to master your digital camera and learn the basics of composition and lighting to make your pictures dramatically better.”

This four-hour basic photo class, held in the beautiful Turner Photographics studio and portrait garden just outside Bellingham, is for photographers with a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex), MILC (mirrorless interchangeable lens camera), or compact camera.

Certified Professional Photographer Mark Turner is a master teacher, experienced in helping photographers of all levels take control of their cameras and develop confidence to make better photos. Here’s what you’ll learn in this photo workshop:

  1. Knobs, Buttons, and Menus Have you only been using the full auto mode of your camera? You’re smarter than that (but just didn’t know it). Learn about ISO (sensitivity), shutter speeds, apertures (f/stops), white balance, and quality settings. More important, you’ll learn WHY you want to take control instead of leaving the decisions to your camera.
  2. Where’s the Light? Learn to see and find light to flatter any subject. Discover the differences front, side, and back light can make. Explore sun and shade. Learn to avoid “funny colors” when shooting indoors. Find out how to use your camera’s flash effectively for a natural look.
  3. Lenses and Composition This is where you’ll learn the “artsy” stuff that makes your photos stand out from the crowd. Discover the power of the rule of thirds, leading lines, asymmetry, and a strong center of interest to avoid boring “bullseye” snapshots. Find out how different lenses do more than just make a subject bigger (telephoto) or smaller (wide angle) in the frame.
  4. Professional Secrets for People Pictures Great portraits don’t just happen. Learn tricks to flatter grandma and get great smiles from two-year-olds (hint, there’s no cheese involved).
  5. Enjoying Your Photos Once you’ve created some great photos you’ll want to enjoy and share them. Facebook and Instagram are great, but they’re ephemeral. See long-lasting fine art prints and albums your children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy.

Bottom Line: photographer and master educator Mark Turner will give you a great experience as you learn to take control of your camera and get inspired to release your inner image maker. Everyone who takes a class from Mark comes away a better photographer. He’s been teaching photography at North Cascades Institute and Siskiyou Field Institute for years, plus lectures for garden club and native plant groups. Now you can learn from Mark in a small group setting close to home at a price you can afford.

Here’s what some students in one of Mark’s previous classes had to say …

“Mark has a natural talent for teaching and is passionate about his subject.” — a North Cascades Institute photo student

“Individual help for every student. Kind, enthusiasic, knowledgable — great instructor!” — a North Cascades Institute photo student

“The teacher was adaptive to the actual needs of the students. Excellent teacher, excellent material.” — a Whatcom Community College iPhone Photography class student

“Great course — really enjoyed it!” — a Whatcom Community College iPhone Photography class student

“I loved looking at Mark’s pics and having him verbalize about the features that make them so good.” — a Whatcom Community College iPhone Photography class student

Register now for one of the winter 2017 class. We use PayPal for our secure online payment processor, but you don’t need a PayPal account to pay with your credit card.

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Questions about the class? Call Mark at 360-671-6851.

We’re still working up the schedule for classes later in the year. There’s going to be at least one full-day class that includes hands-on shooting and a critique at the end. I’m also contemplating an Adobe Lightroom class to show you quick ways to catalog and enhance your photos. Let me know if you’re interested in either of these.