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Fool's Huckleberry

Mark Turner has been photographing wild and native plants for over 15 years in the Pacific Northwest and other parts of North America. He knows his plants, and is the photographer and co-author of Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest which was published by Timber Press in 2006. Many of the photographs in Mark’s native plant library were created for this book. The term “wild plants” is used here because not all plants found growing in the wild are native; some are invasive weeds.

You may also search and browse Mark’s native plant photography collection at Pacific Northwest Wildflowers.

In addition to wildflowers, Mark photographs trees, shrubs, mosses, lichens, and fungi. The great majority of the photographs in the library are identified to species.

Download a detailed list of wildflowers, trees, shrubs, mosses, and fungi sorted by Latin name. This is only available as a PDF file because of its size (61 pages, about 250 KB). Within this file, when a plant appears on a line by itself the photo is most likely a plant portrait or flower portrait. Updated November 27, 2012.

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