Studio or Swimming Pool?

Studio exterior
Studio exterior with driveway construction beginning

Thursday, April 24.

It rained last night. Hard. The beginning of the new driveway and parking area is looking reasonably dry, certainly a lot drier than the soggy grass that was here before. It’s definitely going to be a wet day for the guys working inside. You can see clear through the building right now when both barn doors are open.

Turner Photographics Wynn Road studio camera room after a hard rain. © 2014 Mark Turner
Camera room, seen from the east entrance. Note all the water.

Yesterday, the Pool Management crew cleaned out the crawl space, dug trenches for the drain lines, and built one of the forms for the footings that will support the new walls and floor. It was looking pretty dry last night when they left. The weather service says we got over an inch of rain overnight. I knew there was a problem with water getting into the crawl space, but I didn’t expect to see a swimming pool this morning.

Turner Photographics Wynn Road studio camera room after a hard rain. © 2014 Mark Turner
Temporary supports hold up the second-floor office.

Yesterday the crew finished tearing out the old floor and second-floor support posts. They put in temporary supports to make way for new foundations that will go under pony walls that will support the new floor. We were working in the office all day and hardly noticed any movement of the floor under us as the guys replaced the posts.

They told me this morning they’re bringing in a pump to drain the space so they can finish the forms. Will they also get the drain lines run? Everyone will be a lot happier when they’re in place.

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One thought on “Studio or Swimming Pool?

  1. I bet you have been tense about the water. That is a real problem. What a lot of work you are having done. How wonderful when it is all done. Can’t wait to see the results.