Winter Solstice

Once in a while we get a “real” winter in Bellingham.  This is one of those years. We’ve had several days with lows below 20°F and snow that’s stayed around.

Bridge at Whatcom Falls, winter

Today I drove out to Whatcom Falls Park to photograph the falls and the stone bridge in the snow. We’d had another 4-6 inches of snow overnight and the temperature was still in the 20s so the conditions were perfect. I spent about an hour around the falls shooting from as many vantage points as I could safely get to. One of my favorites is to look downstream at the bridge from the top of the falls, which is the view here.

I also photographed the falls from on the bridge, and from streamside downstream from the bridge. I have a nice photo from that vantage point from the snow of Christmas 1996 which was published on a calendar for Towner Press a few years ago. I have a large print of that one available for sale if anyone is interested.

Lighted shrub at VanDusen
After warming up with a bowl of soup at home, I headed north to VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver for their festival of lights. The roads were a bit messy, but I made it without difficulty, only to find a sign on the entrance saying the lights had been cancelled for tonight because of the weather.  I got there about 3:45 and the garden closed at 4:00 pm, so I had only a short time in the garden. They had a few of the lights turned on, so I got a handful of photos before I had to leave.

It was snowing the whole time I was in Vancouver, so the streets and roads were in worse shape on the way home, particularly on the Canadian side of the border. Hopefully I can get back up to VanDusen for the lights while there’s still snow on the ground as the display there is very nice and well worth the trip.

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