Darn Near Dark at 3 pm

Well, it’s definitely the dark and rainy season here in the northwest.  It’s not quite 3 pm on this wet afternoon and it’s nearly dark.  Official sunset isn’t for another hour or so, but you couldn’t tell that from looking outside.  Our solar panels aren’t getting enough light to produce anything.  The whole day, we’ve produced a whopping 630 watts of power.  In comparison, on a sunny afternoon we’ll produce that much in about 7 minutes.  It would be a good day to curl up by the fireplace with a good book, if only we had a fireplace. I’ll read this guide by SmartlyHeated, that my brother keeps asking about, maybe I’ll get inspired.

But even in the rain the house finches have been feeding on sunflower seeds from the feeder in the back yard.  And the raindrops glisten on the bare branches of the kousa dogwood. With rhododendrons, daphne, and ferns, the view out our kitchen window always shows something green.

It will be time to put up some Christmas lights on the Korean fir and dogwood soon.

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