1001 Bicycling Miles

I set a rough goal to bicycle 1000 miles since I started logging my distance in mid-August and this afternoon I made it! It’s definitely harder to find nice days to ride during the winter months than during the warm and sunny days of August and September, but I’ve managed to get out. This afternoon’s ride was one of my regular routes, about 17 miles with a sustained 5 miles of uphill cranking. There was slushy snow at the side of the road at higher elevations around North Lake Samish and on the hill heading toward Lake Padden, but the main road surface was merely wet.

For the statistically inclined:

Since I can’t predict how much I’ll be home in 2008 I’m not ready to set a cycling goal for next year, but I should definitely be able to do more than this year since I won’t wait until August to get started.

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2 thoughts on “1001 Bicycling Miles

  1. Barbara Howard on said:

    Mark, A couple days ago I saw a photo by you of Zanich Point, with the fisherman statue in the foreground and Lummi shrouded in the distance! The photo was spectacular! (I had just told my son that I walk there about 3 times a week and want my ashes scattered there!). Do you make prints, and if so, how much might that cost?
    Also, I was delighted to see you picture of Whatcom Falls!! My son and I were there yesterday wandering through the snow and over the bridge (he lives in Vegas and just HAD to come home to see the snowstorm)! Thanks for your beautiful work! Barbara